Abstract Submission

The conference has a limited number of oral presentations because of single track sessions. Therefore, limited number of  accepted abstracts will be given for talks.
Other accepted abstracts will be selected as posters, but we give every poster an oral pitch-like presentation of 2 minutes.

  • First deadline July 15th, 2021: oral contributions are selected, other accepted are kept as posters
  • Second deadline September 15th, 2021: selection of posters (incl. pitch-like presentations of 2 minutes)
  • Few late new abstracts may be considered, if limit space available 

Instructions for abstracts submission

  • Please use the word 2 pages .docx template -> click here
  • Page 1: title, authors, addresses, text abstract and references.
  • Page 2: (compulsory) graphics and images (will be printed in black & white in the book unless justified request)
  • Convert in pdf  (no .doc files please)
  • All abstracts should be submitted electronically. Proceed below:

You will receive a confirmation within a few days. If you don’t receive a confirmation, please send an email to:  abstract(at)nanotech-montreux.com