NanoBioTech-Montreux is a unique human-scale conference at the frontiers of Micro- and NanoTechnology and Biological and Medical applications.

The conference format includes plenary talks from invited speakers of international renown, oral presentations describing new research, selected based on their originality and scientific quality. Poster sessions are preceded by 2 min. snapshot oral presentations.

    • A highly focused meeting lasting 2.5 days, single track oral sessions
    • World leading plenary speakers
    • Oral snapshot poster presentation of each poster
    • Awards for students’ posters
    • Beautiful, relaxed and idyllic setting at the shore of Lake Geneva

Invited speakers 

Dino Di Carlo, UCLA, USA         (KEYNOTE)
Simone Schürle-Finke, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
David Issadore, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Nicole Pamme, Stockholm University, Sweden
Matthias Lutolf, IHB Roche & EPFL, Switzerland    (KEYNOTE)
Rémi Dangla, Stilla Technologies, France

Since 1997, the conference is know for having attracted influential scientists from various fields of NanoBiotechnology. Examples of speakers from previous editions can be found here:  List of past invited speakers

Conference Topics

    • Soft matter and physics of fluids at the nano- and microscale
    • Nanobiotechnology – Nanobiosensor; Engineering Molecules and Surfaces; Self-Assembly; Molecular Motors
    • Single cell platforms: Single cell analysis; Sequencing; Manipulation; Sorting; Imaging
    • Medical applications: Nanomedicines; nanoscale sensor; Point-of-Care Devices; implantable sensors; engineered scaffolds for tissue engineering
    • Microfluidics: fundamentals and applications
    • Droplet microfluidics: technologies & applications
    • Organ-on-Chip platforms
    • Innovative imaging approaches including 3D imaging, Nano-Photonics, and Plasmonics.

The conference takes place at a unique location in Montreux, Switzerland, in the Mona Hotel directly located on the lake side. Participants have a chance to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, which is ideal for exchanging ideas and initiating new collaborations. The Exhibition provides a forum for companies to present their latest developments, instruments and tools, and interacting with researchers.

Group photo of the 110 (happy) participants of the 2023 edition

Conference presentation document

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