In the 2022 poster award ceremony, three awards with CHF200.- in cash were distributed. The jury consisted of Prof. Séverine Le Gac form Twente University, NL, Prof. Jonas Tegenfeldt from Lund University, SE and Dr. Bastien Venzac from LAAS Toulouse, FR.


We warmly congratulate 2022 Poster awardees : 

The Alain Donzel Award 2022 for the best poster snapshot presentation been attributed to Charlotte Yvanoff, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, for her poster “Micropatterned platform to study osteoblast-osteocyte communication via gap junctions under mechanostimulation”

The Discovery Award 2022 for high potential research has been attributed to Sara Svanverg, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, for her poster Novel vascularization model of the human dental pulp and periodontium”

The Technology Award 2022 for best poster with innovative technology has been attributed to Louise Shannahan, University of Cambridge, UK, for her poster “Simultaneous intracellular nanorheology and nanothermometry using diamond quantum sensing”


  • Poster size: A0 , vertical
  • On Sunday, the poster area will be ready between 18:00 and 20:00 to place your poster.
  • We provide the necessary fixing materials (clips and tape)
  • All posters can stay on display until the last day of the conference
  • + there are awards for posters (award ceremony at the end of the conference)

Instructions for snapshot oral presentations

  • The posters with snapshot presentation have 2 minutes oral presentation in a plenary session.
  • Your presentation time will strictly be limited to 2 minutes.
  • Since we will have up to 15 snapshots in a raw, the presenters are asked to send us a PPT file at least one week before the conference.
  • The presentation should be in one powerpoint file (.pptx)

    PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR FILE HERE : PPT files upload page
  • Advice:
    –  use first slide not only for title but also to introduce the poster
    –  more than 4 slides seems not reasonable 🙂
  • In case of problem for submission, send an email to info(at)
  • All files will be placed on the computer of the conference (you cannot use your own computer because it takes too much time for connecting it during the session)
  • You can embed videos within the powerpoint file. Make sure that you use a common video format since it will run on our computer.
  • Test your presentation on another PC than yours.