Information for posters

  • Poster size: A0 (prefferably vertical)
  • On Sunday, the poster area will be ready between 18:00 and 20:00 to place your poster.
  • We provide the necessary fixing materials (clips and tape)
  • All posters can stay on display until the last day of the conference.

Poster list + schedule  :  Poster program    (subject to modifications)

Instructions for pitch-like oral presentations of posters

  • Your presentation time will strictly be limited to 2 minutes.
  • Advice:
    –  use first slide not only for title but also to introduce the poster
    –  make automatic time controlled animation and slides transitions (this is a good way to control timing)
    –  more than 4 slide seems not reasonable 
  • The presentation should be in one powerpoint file (.pptx). No separate video files (you can embed them in pptx, but not too big files!)
  • Send the file to us before November 9th :
  • In case of problem for submission, send an email to abstract(at)
  • All files will be placed on the computer of the conference (PC, Windows system, you cannot use your own computer because it takes too much time for connecting it during the session)
  • You can embed videos within the powerpoint file (possible in pptx format). Make sure that you use a common video format since it will run on our computer).
  • Advice: test your presentation on another PC than yours.
  • The presentations will be followed by the poster session in the poster area.
  • Beamer format 16:9


Congratulations to the three winners of the 23rd edition
Committee: Yegan Erdem, Ya-Yu Chiang and Jonathan Cottet

The Promising Research Award has been sponsored by the NanoBioTech Association and given by the the association president:  Prof. Philippe Renaud

Dariush Ashtiani, Monash University, AU, “SAW nebuliser application for Cryo-EM grid preparation”

The Technology Award has been sponsored by Micromachines, MDPI and given by a member of the jury committee: Jonathan Cottet

Thomas Burgers, University of Twente, NL, “Epididymis-on-a-chip: a unique bottom-up research platform to study tight barriers, sperm maturation and to screen endocrine disruptors”

The Biosensing Award has been sponsored by Biosensors, MDPI and given by the 2019 chair:  Prof. Séverine Le Gac

Nadya Ostromohov, IBM Research, CH / Technion Institute of Technology, IL, “Real-time monitoring of fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) kinetics”