The conference has a small exhibition area, at entrance of the poster area, for companies or for presentation of research centers.


Past Exhibitors in 2021

MaxWell Biosystems AG is an electronics and biotechnology company based in Zurich, Switzerland that provides instrumentation and solutions to advance neuroscience research and accelerate drug discovery. MaxWell Biosystems’ microeletrode array (MEA) technology can augment and complement high-content imaging systems by providing functional, electrophysiological readouts. The technology is based on micro-sensor fabricated in CMOS technology and enables readouts with high signal quality, high resolution and high throughput.

COMSOL Multiphysics® is a software platform used to simulate designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research. COMSOL Multiphysics® enables you to create physics-based models and simulation applications that account for multiphysics phenomena. Expand your analyses with add-on products for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical phenomena, as well as interfacing products for a variety of CAD and CAE tools. Simulation experts can use COMSOL Server™ and COMSOL Compiler™ to deploy simulation applications to design teams, manufacturing departments, test laboratories, and customers worldwide.

Seed Biosciences
DispenCell is a fast, gentle, and user-friendly solution for single-cell dispensing. Its unique technology ensures better cell viability and cloning efficiency, allowing for multiple applications like Cell Line Development, CRISPR, Rare Cell Isolation, Monoclonal Antibodies, or Single Cell Genomics; Compact and effortless it is designed to be easily operated under a sterile culture hood and can integrate in any pre-existing workflow. DispenCell comes with a single cell analysis software tool, providing you with an immediate and traceable proof of clonality report.

The Elvesys group develops a range of state-of-the-art microfluidic instruments, for all kinds of microfluidic applications. Our microfluidic systems can be used in many different fields, such as biology, chemistry, drug delivery, but also for cosmetics and food.

UniPix is a Swiss based company that focuses on developing new and innovative instruments for chemistry, biology and medical laboratories. UniPix addresses unmet needs of flexibility, reduced cost and connected devices.

Advanced MicroFluidics
Our mission is to provide innovative microfluidic technologies for instrumentation dedicated to industries and academics, with an important focus on robustness, quality, performance and cost. In line with our vision, we are dedicated to create microfluidic solutions with very low internal volumes and designed for easy and smart integration for biotech, Medtech and life science applications.

Your entry point to a wealth of contacts, know-how and knowledge, for both personal and institutional support: BioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland. BioAlps offers you a dynamic network, an innovative and supportive environment, and immediate access to the world of life sciences. It comprises an active and fertile fabric of research institutions, academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals concentrated in a small, attractive geographic area with a great infrastructure.

SensUs is an international student competition on molecular biosensors for healthcare applications. SensUs is being organized by students at Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with professors of international universities. The participating teams consist of students from multiple scientific disciplines. Biosensing technologies are inherently multidisciplinary. To be successful, the teams need to creatively combine molecular technologies and device technologies. The maximum team size is 15 students and the students should be enrolled in a BSc or MSc program.

ArcoScreen aims at revolutionizing the discovery of drugs targeting G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Our technology allows the identification of a drug’s mode of action in a single assay, directly on patient cells, which greatly increases the quality and the reliability of the results obtained. Thanks to the use of a microfluidic chip, our assay is fully automatized and delivers results in only 15 minutes.

Inspired by the mechanisms of platelet generation in the bone marrow, HemostOD developed an innovative solution to produce ex vivo platelets. Our unique process allows generating high quantities of platelets in a short period of time. HemostOD’s product provides the only efficient alternative to blood donor platelet transfusions. We create a new source of platelets, manufactured on demand, to relieve blood banks and hospitals. We provide reliable access to platelets for all.

Parithera’s goal is to save lives by providing a non-invasive diagnostic which analyses cancer treatment resistance and allows clinicians to adjust treatment regimen. From a simple blood draw, Parithera’s ExTrace Dx solution isolates circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and provides transcriptomic information at the single cell level. This approach is much less invasive than tissue biopsy and provides a more accurate tumor description. ExTrace Dx allows clinicians to adapt treatment protocols and provide the right treatment at the right time to each patient from a simple blood draw.

The conference is kindly supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency. Innosuisse funds science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.