The conference has a small exhibition area, at entrance of the poster area, for companies or for presentation of research centers.

Exhibition 2021

DispenCell is a fast, gentle, and user-friendly solution for single-cell dispensing. Its unique technology ensures better cell viability and cloning efficiency, allowing for multiple applications like Cell Line Development, CRISPR, Rare Cell Isolation, Monoclonal Antibodies, or Single Cell Genomics; Compact and effortless it is designed to be easily operated under a sterile culture hood and can integrate in any pre-existing workflow. DispenCell comes with a single cell analysis software tool, providing you with an immediate and traceable proof of clonality report.

UniPix is a Swiss based company that focuses on developing new and innovative instruments for chemistry, biology and medical laboratories. UniPix addresses unmet needs of flexibility, reduced cost and connected devices.

Media partners and fulfill the information needs of all users from laboratory bench to top management and from basic research to process technology. The portals serve up-to-date information adapted to its readers’ special requirements for business and education. This eases work, safes time and stands for a considerable surplus value for the daily work.
GIT Publishers based in Darmstadt, Germany has been a part of the American publishing group John Wiley and Sons since 2002.

Biosensors (ISSN 2079-6374; CODEN: BIOSHU) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal on the technology and science of biosensors published quarterly online by MDPI.

Micromachines (ISSN 2072-666X) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, which provides an advanced forum for studies on micro- and nanoscale machines.

Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal, published monthly online by MDPI.

Other partners

The conference is kindly supported by Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency. Innosuisse funds science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.


Inartis is a non-profit foundation aiming to promote Innovation in particular in the areas of Life Sciences and technology by fostering the interaction between innovators, teaching and research centers as well and industry professionals. Inartis manages multiple projects such as incubator Espace Creation in Sion, community lab and incubator Univercite in Renens/Lausanne, publishing activities Clefs-du-Savoir, as well as professional networks Inartis Network supported by the Swiss Confederation (RTN programmes by CTI), NR1, SwissHeritage and Republic-of-Innovation.

Your entry point to a wealth of contacts, know-how and knowledge, for both personal and institutional support: BioAlps, the life science cluster of Western Switzerland. BioAlps offers you a dynamic network, an innovative and supportive environment, and immediate access to the world of life sciences. It comprises an active and fertile fabric of research institutions, academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals concentrated in a small, attractive geographic area with a great infrastructure.


SensUs is an international student competition on molecular biosensors for healthcare applications. SensUs is being organized by students at Eindhoven University of Technology in collaboration with professors of international universities. The participating teams consist of students from multiple scientific disciplines. Biosensing technologies are inherently multidisciplinary. To be successful, the teams need to creatively combine molecular technologies and device technologies. The maximum team size is 15 students and the students should be enrolled in a BSc or MSc program.

Exhibition 2019

Fluigent is the global leader in providing fluid handling solutions for a growing number of microfluidic applications, from lab-on-a-chip to cell handling. We develop innovative pressure-based solutions for flow control allowing customers to set flow rates and achieve superior flow performance as compared to syringe pumps. We have delivered thousands of end-user systems to customers worldwide since 2005, and cited in more than 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications. We also provide industrial OEM solutions for integration into complex equipment requiring cost-effective and high-performance fluidic solutions, and the ability to simplify your designs. We help our customers optimize their systems in order to “make microfluidics easy”.

Emulseo designs and sells high performant surfactant formulations for biotechnological applications using droplet-based microfluidics, such as diagnostics or screening. With a repeatable and reliable quality, Emulseo’s formulations such as FluoSurf, respond to all the essential criteria for these applications: biocompatibility, stability, retention.

Exhibition 2018

The Vortex Biosciences mission is to be the innovation leader in CTC capture technology delivering diagnostic tests that improve therapeutic decisions and save lives.
We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in how cancer can be diagnosed and treated. The combination of targeted therapies and precise diagnostics is allowing for the era of personalized medicine to emerge. The capture and enrichment of circulating tumor cells is going to be a critical element of targeted companion diagnostics. We believe our next generation CTC capture system will allow the full diagnostic potential of CTCs to finally be realized.

Abionic is committed to revolutionize the world of in vitro diagnostics with rapid universal point-of-care solutions.
Abionic develops and produces rapid blood tests that are game changing in each of their respective markets. There is a significant need for a rapid and accurate test that will enable treatment faster. Furthermore the solution allows access to lab quality blood analysis where there is no or no sufficient infrastructure in place.
Healthcare professionals and patients can benefit from Abionic’s unique solution to aid in the diagnosis and screening of divers conditions with an immediate quantitative result.

Exhibition 2017

Nanoscribe offers 3D printers for the micro- and nanometer scale as well as photoresists and process solutions tailored to specific application areas. Nanoscribe has established itself in this field as the technological and global market leader with its laser lithographic processes. Our 3D lithography systems are spread throughout Europe, Asia, North America as well as Australia. The performance of the groundbreaking Photonic Professional GT system generation was emphasized in February 2014 by being awarded a Prism Award in San Francisco, the “Oscar of Photonics” in the category “Advanced Manufacturing”.

Mengel Engineering supplies products for microfluidics automation, chemical analysis and high-speed microscopy. LabSmith easy-connect microfluidics components and microfluidic automation products make it easy to build and re-build simple and complex microfluidic setups. LabSmith uDevices are part of the uProcess automation system of software and hardware products which provides simple, straightforward automated routing of microfluidic volumes through a unified software interface. eDaq manufactures laboratory instruments, electrodes and sensors, and data acquisition systems for electrochemistry, chromatography, conductivity and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. LabSmith and eDaq are represented in Europe by Mengel Engineering, who also supplies high-speed video microscopes for droplet and micromixing studies.

At Cambridge Enplas Life science Lab (C.E.L.L), which is part of Enplas Europe Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Enplas Corporation, we are working on innovative research in the life science market. Enplas decided to take a step forward in the life Science market 17 years ago to answer the needs for microfluidic chips in the diagnostic market, by applying its core technology. With the creation of CELL, we are looking to apply this expertise to bring new innovations to the biotechnology market. CELL as a lab is working on biotechnology applications such as organ on a chip, single cell, droplet microfluidics for the life science industry (pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food testing, environment). In addition, we are seeking new innovations where we can provide financial investment, management expertise, engineering support and global quality supply support. Enplas is also able to transform your ideas into a mass production chip using our expertise and global facilities for prototyping.

Exhibition 2016


Advanced MicroFluidics develops innovative fluidic automation solutions based on our cutting-edge know-how and proprietary technology. Our offer is composed of customer-specific systems and laboratory products for fully automated sample preparation and liquid handling. Thanks to our innovative zero dead-volume pumps and valves, we can provide very simple and compact solutions. We bring customers’ ideas to life by working with them from the problem analysis to the production as an OEM partner. We propose ready-to-use products for laboratory operations with a high complexity to cost ratio.


Amphasys focuses its activities in developing and marketing a novel, chip-based single cell analysis technology. Amphasys’ mission is to simplify, speed up and miniaturize complex cell analyses and move them to the point-of-use, which may be outside well-equipped research and analytical laboratories. So far, two of the most promising fields turned out to be analysis of pollen and milk. Today, Amphasys is a speedily growing high tech company dedicated to reinventing single cell analysis and applying it to industrial production processes.


BioProbe is a project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) with IBM Research – Zurich as the host organization. Techniques to study, work and locally probe adherent cells and tissues at micrometer distances from cell surfaces in “open space” would represent a major advance for the biology of biointerfaces. To this end, one needs tools for observing, patterning, assaying and stimulating biological interfaces, which can address a range of dimensions and volumes commensurate with the cell. Key is to control the physics and chemistry of these interfaces.


Elveflow focuses on the development of high performance and Plug and Play flow control systems fitted to microfluidic research. We provide the only microfluidic flow control systems using Piezo technology and that enable blazing fast flow changes in your microdevice. Depending on your particular needs, we can advise you and install the setup best fitted for your lab.


Scuba Probe Technologies develops encased AFM cantilevers, which drastically improve resonator based sensing in liquids. Cantilevers typically suffer from the high viscous damping and added mass of the surrounding water, but encased cantilevers remain dry while submersed in water. This is achieved by building an encasement around the probe so that surface tension prevents liquid from entering. Only few microns of the probing sharp tip protrude from the encasement to interact with the sample in liquid.


Net Market Fluidics is a market approach project for tackling the bottlenecks preventing the deployment of micro and nanofluidics in Europe. Fludics are characterized by a broad number of research groups and enterprises developing knowledge and technology for many diverse application fields.
In the network, researchers will share knowledge and overcome the technological limitations through different actions: workshops, meetings, groups of experts and white papers. Participants will come from research centers within the project, Key European institutions and stakeholders within the United States and Asia.