The conference takes place from Monday morning 9:00 to Wednesday at 13:00

A reception (drinks + pickles) is organized on Sunday evening (18:00 – 20:00) in the lobby of the hotel. The registration desk is open and posters can be already displayed in the poster area.

The traditional conference dinner takes place on Monday at 19:30 (included in registration fees).

During the conference, there are no parallel sessions. The objective is to keep all participants together and allow them sharing their experience. Each oral session starts with an invited or keynote speaker, followed by two or three regular talks of 20 minutes.
There will be four sessions of oral pitch-like presentations of posters (2 min. for each poster). 

Conference program  :

2020 Conference Program (not yet available)  2020 Poster Program (not yet available)

2019 Conference Program    2019 Poster Program

Keynote speakers 2019   

Oscar Ces, Imperial College London, UK Artificial Cell and Cellular Bionics
Hang Lu, GeorgiaTech, USA Using microfluidics to image deep and wide
Paolo Netti, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – IIT, IT Programmable instructive surfaces to control and guide morphogenesis in vitro
Claire Wilhelm, CNRS and University of Paris, FR The use and intracellular fate of magnetic nanoparticles in combined cancer therapy and tissue engineering

Invited speakers 2019

Esther Amstad, EPFL, CH Drops: A tool to introduce structures into materials
Radha Boya, University of Manchester, UK Angstrom scale capillaries – molecular transport
Christopher Dunsby, Imperial College London, UK

High content 3-D light sheet microscopy: cancer cell morphology and invasiveness and spheroid-based assays for compound safety screening

Ali Koşar, Sabanci University, TR Biocoatings for Thermal-Fluids and Micro-Thermal Systems
Yannick Rondelez, ESPCI Paris, FR Processing molecular signals using DNA-based circuits

Regular talks 2020