Poster sessions

Informations for posters :

  • Poster size :   A0    (prefferably vertical)
  • On Sunday, the poster area will be ready between 18:00 and 20:00 to place your poster.
  • We provide the necessary fixing materials (clips and tape)
  • All posters can stay on display until the last day of the conference.

Poster list + schedule  :  Poster program    (to be finalized at the beginning of October)

Instructions for flash presentations of posters:

  • Your presentation time will strictly be limited to 2 minutes.
  • Advice:
    –  use first slide not only for title but also to introduce the poster
    –  make automatic time controlled animation and slides transitions (this is a good way to control timing)
    –  more than 4 slide seems not reasonable 🙂
  • The presentation should be in one powerpoint file (.pptx). No separate video files (you can embed them in pptx, but not too big files !!!)
  • Send the file to us before October 10 :

Click here to submit PPT presentation

  •  In case of problem for submission, send a mail to  abstract(at)
  • All files will be placed on the computer of the conference ( (PC, Windows system, you cannot use your own computer because it takes too much time for connecting it during the session)
  • You can embed videos within the powerpoint file (possible in pptx format). Make sure that you use a common video format since it will run on our computer).
  • Advice:    test your presentation on another PC than yours.
  • The presentations will be followed by the poster session in the poster area.


Congratulations to the three winners of the 21st edition
Committee: Yegan Erdem, Carlotta Guiducci and Fredrik Westerlund

This award has been sponsored by the NanoBioTech Association and given by the association president:  Prof. Ph. Renaud

Jing Liu, Ghent University, BE, “Reviving Cell-impermeable Labels for Live Cell Fluorescence Microscopy”


This award has been sponsored by Nanoscribe and given by Nanoscribe’s exhibitor:  Mr. Jochen Zimmer 

Margaux Duchamp, EPFL, CH, “Design of a Microfluidic Device for the Detection of T Cell Activation for Immunotherapy Applications”


This award has been sponsored by the NanoBioTech Association and given by the conference chair:  Prof. Ch. Baroud

Yuetao Li, University of Southampton, UK, “Rapid Detection of β-lactam Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria via a Microfluidic System”